A glorious nectar blessed by the sun

Carefully selected blocks of Sauvignon Blanc and Sémillon produce an intensely perfumed and concentrated juice.
The fruit is gently maintained and protected with nets for months after it has reached physiological ripeness,
to ensure the health and vitality of the crop over the extended ripening phase. As the sugars increase
and the sun turns the skins golden brown, the winemaking staff waits for the perfect moment to harvest the fruit
and gently press it to extract this glorious nectar. Fermented slowly at cold temperatures,
the result is a delicate wine with intense aromas and honeyed flavors.
Muku is a breath of fresh air, delicate to the senses, light on its feet like a ballerina in flight.
Lift a glass and be confronted with the soft caress of rose petals, white peach and candied guava.
Representing purity and innocence in Japanese, muku is pure euphoria in a bottle, innocent and disarming.

Wine Specs

Napa Valley, California
Heidi Barrett
Vineyard Manager
David Abreu





1339 Pearl Street Napa, California 94559
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Closed Mondays
Holiday Closures: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, January 9-January 21, 2019 (Winter Closure)
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Located in Downtown Napa, 2 minute walk from First Street Napa