The restaurant ambiance includes rich, imported materials and specialty details yet evoke

a clean, modern feeling. Décor elements include entry and dining room walls in a vertically

grained teak from the region, accented with a traditional Japanese scalloped finish.

The ceilings in the private dining room have the corresponding scalloped finish and were

constructed from clear maple, also imported from Japan. As a key point of the Kenzo

dining experience is as much the viewing of the preparation as it is the presentation and

accompanying directions guiding diners through the dishes, the 10 seat sushi bar is prime

real estate. The sushi counters, customized to best showcase the fish as well as prepare

and share the dishes, are built from Japanese cypress. A range of bowls, dishware

and serving pieces were hand selected in Japan to best present each dish.


The wines of Kenzo Estate are the culmination of Kenzo Tsujimoto’s search for the finest

plantable land in the Napa Valley. His quest led him to an untamed mountain valley on the

flanks of Mt. George, in Napa’s southeast corner. Of the 3,800 acres that he purchased

in the late 80’s, only the best 4% have been planted to vines by famed viticulturist,

David Abreu. Each autumn, the grape crop is delivered to the meticulously appointed

winery, which was constructed of natural wood and stone in 2009. Set into the landscape

next to aging caves dug deep into the cool mountain rock, it is here that celebrated

winemaker, Heidi Barrett, crafts wines of intensity, finesse and focus.  


“Kenzo” join the elite culinary culture in Napa Valley along-side acclaimed three Michelin

star restaurants including The French Laundry and The Restaurant at Meadowood.

Despite its celebrated and vibrant culinary scene Napa Valley has been devoid of authentic

Japanese restaurants showcasing the excellence, passion and artistic essence of the

Japanese cuisine and culture through refined dining experiences, renowned authentic

techniques and premium ingredients from the region. Already seasoned restaurateurs

with four stunning Kenzo Estate restaurants and tasting rooms in their native Japan,

it has been a longstanding dream for Kenzo and Natsuko Tsujimoto to enter the Napa

Valley culinary scene with their vision and signature concept. At Kenzo’s culinary helm

are the trusted hands of Chef Hiroyuki Kanda, one of the most admired and celebrated

Chefs in Japan, whose award-winning restaurant “Kanda” has achieved three Michelin

stars for 9 consecutive years. Chef Kanda was selected by Kenzo and Natsuko

for his level of excellence and drive to present their shared vision, unique respect and

harmony between food and wine. The fusing of Japanese tradition with innovative

techniques and presentation at Kenzo is sure to transform all perceptions of Japanese

cuisine. The sublime, rich flavors of veritable Japanese Edomae Sushi and Kaiseki

delicacies will be created with premier and unique seafood selections from the world’s

largest and most acclaimed fish and seafood markets flown in daily from Japan,

to delight all the senses. Unique delicacies will be expertly paired with the full Kenzo

Estate wine collections along with a selection of fine Japanese sakes in this most unique

environment, offering the most engaging, robust and authentic food and wine experience

from Japan in Napa Valley.

Owner’s Message

As the owner and founder of Kenzo Estate in Napa, please allow me to thank you for your

wonderful support since the grand opening of the winery in 2010. It has truly been an honor

to share our sublime wines with you and I thank you for welcoming me and my family to the

Napa Valley community.   Napa has always been well-known for its gourmet food and wine

culture, serving those with a highly refined palate, but unfortunately, I was unable to find a

place for a truly elevated authentic Japanese dining experience. Since establishing Kenzo

Estate winery I have wanted to share my vision and express the unique beauty of Japanese

food in Napa Valley and I am therefore very proud to introduce our new restaurant, Kenzo,

to the region.  I have long dreamt of bringing to Napa a Japanese cuisine that reflects the

traditional culture of my native Japan and is inspired by authentic techniques and

premium ingredients from the region. I hope to transform all your perceptions of Japanese

cuisine!  I greatly look forward to welcoming you to Kenzo for a very memorable evening

of sublime food and premium wine.

1339 Pearl Street Napa, California 94559
(707) 294-2049
Dinner Service
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Closed Mondays
Credit Cards
Visa, Master, JCB, Diners, AMEX
Located in Downtown Napa, 2 minute walk from First Street Napa