The fusion of Japanese tradition with innovative techniques and presentation at Kenzo

transform all perceptions of Japanese cuisine. The sublime, rich flavors of veritable Japanese

Edomae Sushi and Kaiseki delicacies are created with premier and unique seafood selections

from the world’s most acclaimed fish market, Tsukiji, flown in daily from Japan, to delight

all the senses.


※ Dinner Served Tuesday – Sunday 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Prix-Fixe Kaiseki


service fee included

  • Pacific Spotted Prawn and Delta Asparagus, Ponzu Gelee

  • Seasonal Hassun

  • Akashi Wild Sea Bream Sashimi

  • Crispy Aomori Greenling Owan

  • Shizuoka Fuji-San Salmon with Yuzu Citrus, Hokkaido Salmon Roe

  • Hokkaido Scallop Shinjo, Steamed Local Tomato

  • Satsuma Wagyu Tenderloin Kuwayaki with Kenzo Estate "rindo" Reduction

  • Chef's Selection of Sushi with Red Miso Soup

  • Chef’s Featured Desserts

Prix-Fixe Sushi Kaiseki


service fee included

  • Seasonal Hassun

  • Daily Selection of Sashimi

  • Crispy Aomori Greenling Owan

  • Seasonal Sushi

  • Chef's Specialty - Poached Toyama Firefly Squid

  • Crustacean Sushi

  • Grilled Hokkaido Scallop with Ariake Nori Seaweed

  • Traditional Sushi

  • Poached Yuba with Bekko-An, Shizuoka Wasabi

  • Tasting of Bluefin Tuna with Red Miso Soup

  • Chef's Featured Desserts

1339 Pearl Street Napa, California 94559
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Dinner Service
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Closed Mondays
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Located in Downtown Napa, 2 minute walk from First Street Napa