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Sushi Bar Kenzo Napa
Kenzo Napa

Since establishing Kenzo Estate winery, we long dreamt of bringing an authentic, elegant Japanese dining experience to the Napa Valley. Our vision was to create a truly transformative experience, one in which the people, place and flavors unite to create a singular moment in time. We welcome you to experience Kenzo Napa. Our signature restaurant in downtown Napa showcases exquisite Kaiseki delicacies, created with ingredients flown in daily from our native Japan. Every artistic course is meant to pair harmoniously with a selection of eclectic wines and sakes from around the world, including Kenzo Estate's full Napa Valley wine collection. --Natsuko & Kenzo Tsujimoto


Kenzo Napa's seasonal menus fuse Japanese tradition with innovative techniques and inventive presentation. The result is sure to delight the senses and transform all perceptions of Japanese cuisine. The exquisite, rich flavors of veritable Japanese Edomae Sushi and Kaiseki delicacies are created using fresh, high-quality ingredients flown in daily from the world’s most acclaimed fresh fish market in Japan, Toyosu. Menus are presented prix fixe in the dining room.

Kenzo Napa kaiseki dining Hassun course

Located on a quiet corner in downtown Napa, guests are welcomed into an intimate, 27-seat dining room that feels as though one has been transported to Japan without ever stamping a passport. The simple, yet elegant décor was selected to replicate an authentic high-end Japanese restaurant where the culinary experience is not to be distracted.

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