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Shinichiro Takagi Takeover: February 12 & 13, 2020
Shinichiro Takagi Takeover: February 12 & 13, 2020
February 2020

Kenzo | Napa announces the return of Chef Shinichiro Takagi to the kitchen in Napa for 2 nights only, where he will curate a bespoke Kaiseki menu. Book now to experience this exceptional, world-class experience curated by the chef/proprietor of Zeniya, his Michelin 2-Star restaurant located in Kanazawa, Japan.

Top Ten Diners' Choice Winner: Best Overall San Francisco Bay Area Restaurants These Are The 100 Best Restaurants In America, According to OpenTable Diners. “Whether a restaurant has received national accolades or is built on local fanfare, our Top 100 reflects diners’ favorite culinary experiences across the country,” Andrea Johnston, COO at OpenTable, said. “What ultimately ties these restaurants together is their excellent hospitality paired with incredible dishes, which is why diners are applauding them with rave reviews.” 

CSQ Magazine
November 2019

The CSQ Complete Guide to Napa Valley: "California’s most established wine region feels fresh thanks to a slew of new hotels, shops, restaurants, and of course, wineries." 

Kenzo Napa is selected among the "10 Best Napa Restaurants to eat at right now"

Very Napa Valley
September 2019

"Elevated Dining" outlines outstanding Michelin-starred restaurants in the Valley

ケンゾーナパが2年連続して、Wine Spectatorレストランアワード・オブ・エクセレンス賞を受賞。

ケンゾーナパが、年1度発行されるMichelin Guide California で星付きの最高級レストラン90店の一つに選出。

ライターのフラン・ミラーは、Walnut Creek Magazineの最新評で、ケンゾーナパを「静かな隠れ処であり、美食の殿堂でもある」と評しています。

ライターのフラン・ミラーが「Of Muses and Michelin Stars」で、ケンゾーナパのオーナーご夫妻、コンセプト、メニューについて紹介。

ケンゾーナパが「ナパヴァレーのファインダイニング ベスト10」に選出。

編集長 Laura Levy Shatkin が、ケンゾーナパの料理を「ワインカントリーの料理界におけるホットなムーブメント」として紹介。 

ケンゾーナパが The Press 欄「ラグジュアリーな週末のナパヴァレースポット」に掲載。




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